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When Should You Call A Plumber?

When should you call a plumber? Unless you're actually a plumber yourself, the correct answer is any time you think you need one. Aside from plumbing emergencies which always require the skills of a licensed, certified, and bonded plumber, just about every water-related situation in your home can be made much worse if the person attempting the work doesn't have years of experience as a professional plumber.

Kitchen Sink Repairs

Consider something seemingly as simple as changing the faucet in your kitchen sink. Have you considered what you will do if you strip the threads on one of the water lines? What if you break a pipe at the threads? Do you know how to extract the broken pipe? How about using a tap-and-dye? Are you familiar enough with cutting new threads into a water pipe? Do you know that being in possession of pipe dope won't get you arrested? This is just an example of one "simple" plumbing situation in your home that can go horribly wrong before you realize what's happening. For a skilled and licensed plumber, however, they'll be in and out of your home in no time and the job will be done in a completely professional manner.

Bathroom Plumbing Problems

How about a leaky plumbing pipe somewhere in your bathroom? Is it the tub or the shower? Do you know how to find a leak? Are you confident you can tear into your drywall without causing further problems? What if the probing you're doing into the wall causes the pipe to actually burst, turning a leak into a flood? Did you know that a ¾" water pipe can dispense a gallon of water in just a handful of seconds? How many seconds will it take you to find the water plumbing main and shut it off? You do know where your water main shutoff valve is, right? Call a local plumber when in doubt.

Local Plumbers Will Save You Time and Money

It might feel like calling a plumber for something as easy as swapping out a kitchen faucet is overkill, but that's not really the point. Think of it as insurance against a catastrophe. The installation of the new faucet isn't the reason to call the plumber. The reason to make the call is to avoid the potential problems that can arise. Sometimes the unexpected even happens to experienced plumbers. The question you have to answer is if the unexpected happens who would you rather have on-hand? Your well-meaning brother-in-law, or a licensed, certified, and bonded plumber?

Don't leave anything to chance in your home. Licensed plumbers will save you time, money, and heartache in an emergency.

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